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    Does fingerprint come back to iPhone again?

    Since the iPhone X and good phones began to have confidence automatic face recognition technology as a way of verification of identity instead of fingerprint, however the newest reports from Apple corporate executive tells North American country that Apple might return and revive the fingerprint recognition technology again! Fingerprint recognition technology within the iPhone bit […] More

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    First information about the BMW i7 electricity version

    It appears that Bavarian BMW is already implementing its previous call to extend the assembly of all-new electrical cars connection its fleet of economic production vehicles to be sold on international markets. these days we’ll speak specifically regarding the BMW i7. According to unofficial press releases printed by BMWBlog, the BMW i7 are going to […] More

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    SpotiFy clamps down on ad blocking tools

    Spotify has updated its Terms of Service to require a more durable stance on ad obstruction tools within the updated Terms of Service, up to the prohibition of accounts used for obstruction and obstruction tools, beginning March one. Sputivay’s free version users put in code that blocks ads or changed versions of Spotify to stop […] More

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    5 new features Twitter is testing

    It is well known that what we see today is one of the advantages offered by companies and Internet services, but they have been tested and tested to ensure the safety of their work and that they do their best. Twitter is not an exception. Or that it remains locked drawer and not seen by […] More

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    5 Indicators to Increase the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

    The solutions and products based on artificial intelligence have varied in recent times, including text and voice chat programs, speech recognition, natural language processing, voice aids, face recognition techniques, automation of tasks and administrative processes, and many other functions, On the use of tools and solutions artificial intelligence, which helps them to compete in the […] More

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    8 Apps to help plan Valentine’s day

    It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day, whether you’re enthusiastic or disobedient. Everything around you turns red that day, and Cupid hangs out of unexpected places, and there are a lot of heart-shaped sweets. If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner or friends, these apps can help you spend Valentine’s Day special, turning […] More

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    New Messenger .. Here are the top 5 new features added

    Facebook announced for the first time the release of the Messenger 4 “Messenger 4” redesigned in October, has already appeared briefly update in early December before it quickly fade from users’ devices, and then Facebook launched a new design for the implementation of instant messaging Messenger through January 2019. The new design comes with many […] More

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