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Ford develops a custom pattern for driving in dense sand 2018

The all-new Ford Expedition owners can bring a sense of adventure and excitement to any family trip thanks to its superior off-road and sand-driving style, where drivers in the Middle East who love nature and outdoors will enjoy the 2018 Ford Expedition And the Terrain Management System, which allows them to reach remote places to engage in adventures with the entire family.

The family has always been a priority in the design of the Ford Expedition cars, as evidenced by the industry’s leading levels of comfort, safety, and luxury. The new Terrain Management System allows customers to choose from seven special driving styles that help Expedition Automatically adapt to different road situations.

This includes the usual pattern of city driving, the sporty style of cruising trips, the Tow / Haul pattern to improve drag performance, the Eco pattern to enhance fuel economy, the Grass / Gravel / Snow pattern for slippery slippery roads, the Mud / Rut pattern for uneven surfaces, Sand-style driving on the soft, dense sand we find throughout the Middle East.

“Off-road patterns are designed to help drivers drive in conditions they may not be familiar with, such as sand,” said Todd Huffner, chief engineer of Expedition. Grazing in the sand is the worst thing that can happen to you as a driver when you are in the desert with your family and friends in the car. So the driving style in the sand enhances the fun of driving where he believes through the electronic equipment on which a safety net will not leave you in the desert “

Ford has enhanced Expedition’s ability to meet all challenges by equipping four-wheel vehicles with a dual-speed transmission and a narrow-slide electronic differential. “The limited slip differential delivers faster response when a wheel is sliding, On the ice, but the lockable differential gear is very important on the sand in order to take advantage of the momentum at low speeds so that the vehicle can be ejected in the sand. “


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